Newera Hip Hop

Irish Hip Hop – August 2019

Irish Hip Hop Is Having Its Moment (vice magazine article) We spoke to photographer James Forde about his time documenting Ireland's new generation of rappers.   By Paulie Doyle 12 August 2019, 5:01pm ShareTweet A KNEECAP SHOW AT THE WILEY FOX IN DUBLIN. In 2009, when … Continue reading
Irish Hip Hop

G Capo – The Rap Buddha

Gritty new 9 track album from Irish Hip Hop artist G Capo. Playlist 1.Build your path ft. Maria McCormack 04:282.The Rap Buddha 06:523.I'm surrounded by haters 03:284.Ray Bans ft Maria (Tribute to DJ Chris Hurley) 03:535.We're just lads ft Calpy and Danny … Continue reading
Australian and Irish Hip Hop

Swag It 2019 – volume 1

Australian and Irish Hip Hop released mid 2019 multimedia mixtape / portable video jukebox. ------ 20 music video singles released May - August 2019 Australian and Irish Hip Hop Artists and Crews Australian Hip Hop - Irish Hip Hop - Newera Hip … Continue reading