G Capo – The Rap Buddha

Irish Hip Hop

Gritty new 9 track album from Irish Hip Hop artist G Capo.


1.Build your path ft. Maria McCormack 04:28
2.The Rap Buddha 06:52
3.I’m surrounded by haters 03:28
4.Ray Bans ft Maria (Tribute to DJ Chris Hurley) 03:53
5.We’re just lads ft Calpy and Danny Minaj 03:44
6.Sit Down 04:03
7.To forget you ft. Maria McCormack 03:19
8.I’m a Narcissist 04:04
9.Schoolboy Hero 03:42

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The Rap Buddha a 9 track original album by G Capo

First published: July 8, 2019 @ capulet1.bandcamp.com

Irish Hip Hop 2019 ~ Newera Hip Hop

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