Nattali Rize

Nattali Rize is an Australian born Jamaican-based musician, record producer and social activist.

A native of Byron Bay, Rize (initially known as Natalie Pa’apa’a)

first began making music as a street performer alongside partner Carlo Santone in the band Skin.

The future is now. With a deep Reggae Influence,

the Nattali Rize project brings heavy beats & conscious rebel lyrics

to a progressive electronic, roots, reggae, dub foundation.

But this is more than genre labels;

The music, message & intention transcends all that,

forget the borders and waters that divide us, t

he movement is to ignite the great remembrance of who we are,

our collective power, what we can be to

break the mental conditioning and find full freedom in this lifetime.


Newera Frequency
30 minute mixtape – mp3 – audio
Dread Mountain (Dub)
Generations Will Rize (feat. Kabaka Pyramid)
Midnight Remedy
Remedy (Dub)
Heart Of A Lion
New Reality
Rebel Love (feat. Zuggu Dan)
Rebel Love (Dub)
Nattali Rize – Live January 2017

“Nattali is a bright light in the world with a vision that extends beyond the stage.”


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